About Me

Just another woman, trying to make on her own. I mean Obviously while dealing with the hypocrisy of the world. Of course, you can’t change everything, although it would be ‘nice’ if people are not taken for granted. And, with people I meant WOMEN. A firm believer of-Owning a room of her own.

Starting out this blog, just to put some questions out there. With billions of insecure souls out there, there has to be a few who wish to view the other side of the spectrum.

You’ll find here a lot of relatable and non-relatable content, some impulse reactions. Our own round table, viewing the moral grey areas of humanity. Of course some unnecessary fluff pieces. Can’t forget my own hawt takes on current topics. This ain’t your stop for high polished writing. I’m just here to combine and balance to create magic. What magic, you ask. DUHH, a magical land where we all are equal. And, now bursting your bubble-{AAh, exactly MAGIC doesn’t exist}