First Chapter
The Quest

First Chapter…Just the beginning!

A new belief in my system, some questionable thoughts, a new wave of emotions…


Your First Chapter could be anything. It can be a failure or an outset to an unlike journey. This blog is my first chapter. Soon, going to hit the best 25. Just wondering that one can always have more than one first chapter in life. Can’t we?

For instance- The new job, last day at school, first solo trip, the break-ups and patch-ups. Can’t ignore those unforgettable actions, making the list go on and on. All these moments can lead to a story of a lifetime. And, when you trace back, it’s really these moments where it all began.

First chapters are always hard to begin, especially when you’re trying to make it on your own. This madness to prove everybody around you-YES, I CAN DO IT. But, deep down you know, it’s not the other’s approval, it’s our own. Isn’t it?

In this fast-paced world, where there is some sort of new information coming our way. Feeding on every new info can become an exhaustive process. Further, this process stretches to a roaring ball of Plethoric issues. Issues like stress, lethargy, breakdowns, fear of missing out, and anxiety. Then, how is one supposed to cope up and start that “FIRST CHAPTER”?

Attention to detail

Somewhere down the line, we tend to lose the part- It’s all an Illusion! Yes, I said it out loud. In other words, FOMO is just one of the deep-rooted upshot of this big ball of lies aka Illusion. Perhaps, this is the root cause for our FIRST CHAPTER failures. 

It’s high time to become a self-aware mortal. And, not choose the pathway of ‘typecast’. Isn’t it a little absurd, that what made us happy while growing up, is just another hobby. And to make it sound more bizarre, it’s been years since we last indulged in that hobby. The fear is not losing the big milestones of life. Rather, it’s the small things in life that makes it beautiful and happy. Yet, somehow we choose to ignore it. 

Build your own Door!

It’s rightfully said, don’t wait for opportunities to knock on your door, and create your own opportunities. And, I totally agree with the aforementioned. Why not build our own Door? Why not create that magical door and grab the opportunity?

It’s time to ignite the fire in oneself. Today, take that plunge and start with that first chapter of life. Dust yourself off, and build that door! 

Already started planning? Take it from a person, like me who God knows how many times have started the new journey and every single time has tasted defeat. And, is still ready to take that leap of faith again. Wondering why grind? It’s the journey you hold and remember, not the destination in the end.

Therefore, be open to the part, no matter how much you have planned, THINGS WILL GO WRONG. Now, I’m not discouraging you, it’s life, this happens. So, to begin with, make sure to truly believe in self. But, always remember, First Chapters of life don’t always come easy. Most of the times, it demands everything we have. And, sometimes, it’s the unexpected turns. Making CONSISTENCY the very essence of the First chapter. 

Last words and First Chapter

The first chapter is your first foot forward towards the la la land. No matter how badly you’re stuck somewhere and feel like there’s no way out. There’s always that one key that can unlock your way out. So, spring and spot that key that beholds the solution to your misery.

Remember, when in Infinity War, Dr Strange said that out of 14,000,000 different scenarios, there’s only ONE possibility to win. And, you know there always is. Similarly, don’t become a statute of limitations. Hang in there, this cold lonely time will pass.

And, if you’re feeling blue, it’s never too late to start all over again. Big disappointments are just a part and parcel of your new journey. With pure confidence, I leave you here, because I’m sure you’ll puzzle it out and write your own First Chapter. 

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  • Gaurav Verma

    This is a beautifully portrayed mind-bending article that is enlivening and provides me with a much-need motivation for the day! #mondaymotivation
    Looking forward to many more exciting articles.

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