Self-care is the new survival

Self-care is the new survival

Until she broke into pieces and there was no one else to fix her

Broken by Esi Vanny

In the times like these where the world around us has actually hit a pause, don’t let yourself get engulfed in this. Self-care is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. And, when I say self-care, I don’t just mean bubble bath, it’s much more than that (P.S. exclude gramming, no insta ok?). At this time of the hour, Self-care is only survival!

Widespread of COVID-19 has actually turned all of our plans upside down. So, the question is how to cope up with this negativity and for longing hope we all have built-in our minds? Believe me when I say this- SELF CARE is the only way out. Now that the time is moving slowly and you have all the time in the world, let’s get you grooving in self-love darling. 

This is the year 2020, so I have laid the best self-care routines for you, that’ll ease and scrub off all the tension from your shoulders.

No room for the gut!

For me, Self-love comes out the moment I see my flappy tummy coming out or face fat showing in selfies. That is indeed a big no-no.


Therefore, running is the only way out for me and one of my least favourites. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So, jok up, listen to your guilty-pleasure and sweat all negativity out. You’ll feel so much better. Other than that you can try the following to rejuvenate yourself:

  • Voice your OM loud every morning and meditate for at least 20 min
  • Try exercising a new core strength activity
  • Engage in your favourite sport
  • Have you tried kickboxing yet?
  • Detoxify more often

Flip and start afresh

Stories and characters may interest many. When it comes to reading, it can be an escape for so many avid readers. When you read you transfer your mind, body and soul to an entirely different universe. A universe so far away from all issues and concerns of yours. So, reading is big thumbs up when it comes to self-care.


And, if you’re one of those to whom books remind of high school, then I respect your likes and dislikes. Not to worry, we have a lot more for you here! So, stay tuned and thank me later.

To Be or Not To Be

Are you finding the answer to- Is it worth hanging? Well, I ask this question to myself more than I wish to admit. So, what I like to do is to feel my own self, believing in my own thoughts and not doubting myself. And, that is exactly what I want you to do.

Stand firmly and follow your heart and accept your uniqueness. On top of it, if you practice this out loud, it will be more effective. And, if you really have negative and depressing thoughts floating in your head, seek professional help. Our mental health is important too.

A gentle reminder: You're Totally WORTH it.

Don’t just read it, feel it.

In the world of social media, we come across so many quotes but let me ask you a question today- Do you really feel those words or just move on to the next post? If you really wish to begin with a self-care regime, then start feeling those words. For most of us, truly and deeply believing in ourselves is the most important thing. So, why not accomplish this! Because I strongly believe- YOU FEEL IT, THE WHOLE WORLD SEE IT.

Begin with the Basics

If you feel childhood was the best time ever, then I got your back. Since everybody has a different idea and notion of self-care, hence I want you to be fully immersed with the same idea. In order to do so, allow time for activities that you actually like, regain your lost passions and hobbies. Because my friend, it’s never too late. 


And if you ask me, these are my recommendations-

  • Pick up that old paintbrush and paint the canvas red.
  • Download these old video games- remember the Old Mario and Contra? Relive those times again.
  • Go for a swing in the park.
  • Try art and crafts to relax a bit.
  • Consume 15 min of daily sunlight
  • Get a new indoor plant
  • Lie on your back and once again fall in love with moving clouds and twinkling stars
  • Stop to smell the flowers

List it in a bucket

Try creating a bucket list and put everything you wished to visit or do but you couldn’t because of your 9-5 routine. P.S. make sure you don’t just write it on a piece of paper but actually do it. Your list may include anything from getting a new pet to trying a new drink.

With this list, you’ll be keeping tracks of what you’ve planned to do something new each year. And trust me, every year on your birthday you’ll be surprised at how many new things you actually did for yourself.

Building new blocks of life with new regimes

One of the most important habits that you can build is to try following a regime. Now it can be any regime that makes you happy.


For instance:

  • Spending some quality time with family
  • Making yourself a nice and healthy breakfast every day
  • Going for a walk every evening
  • Learning a new language or any instrument that is just sitting there in your closet
  • Have a good laugh, try new comics or standup comedy
  • Volunteer to help someone

Try being selfish for yourself. Put yourself first, do what makes you happy. Put yourself first mate, it’s high time!

Self-care calls for Decluttering

My next advice to you would be to declutter your space from all the crap that has been lying around, every piece of item that doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it. Because trust me, moving on feels so much better. 

Also, this list is not just limited to things but people too. It feels so much better to get rid of toxic people from your life. You very well know how you feel about a person, so why keep them around? If you feel you can do so much better without them, it’s time to declutter them from your life. It ain’t easy though, but you’ll be grateful to me later.

Shake it like Shammi…

Life is all about ups and downs, so try to shake things off at least twice a week. And, when I say shake things off, I automatically one hundred per cent intend dancing (go cha cha cha). Wouldn’t it be better if you could just dance your way through life? So, trust me, dance and follow the rhythms of life. In short, dance like no one’s watching because no one is, people are too much busy in their own phones. So, just do it.


Hack your time.

Long gone are those days, when you thought signing up for a new activity require too much time. Well, in my opinion, our generation’s all about youtube hacks and tips.

Try cooking if you haven’t already! I am sure this will be an excellent choice because after this at least you’ll be getting a delicious meal out of it. Proud of yourself already? Give a pat on your shoulder from my side. 

The only escape is sleep

After doing so much for yourself, it’s nap time people. Make sure you’re getting proper sleep and keep a habit of doing so. Ensure that your sleep cycle is not being disturbed so that you don’t get up cranky. And who wants that? Right, least of me. Try to maintain your sleeping pattern as this will keep you more active and creative all day long.

Caring and loving oneself is so important. Don’t let any kind of negative thought float in your head. Working with these regimes little by little will definitely lift up the fog. Incorporating these regimes in your routine and making some changes here and there will help you better align yourself. So, which one are you most excited about?

Free Tip for your survival: Make sure to wear a mask!

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