In the moment

That rain in June

In big black letters I write my name on them and the name of
the village where I live.
    I hope that someone in some strange land will find them and
know who I am.

Paper Boats by Rabindranath Tagore

Each raindrop is a flashback to the old times. Tapping my feet, as I ran up to the roof. Wearing a big old shirt and that smile on my face and in my heart. Feelings, such strong feelings, never felt before. As I look up and feel the velvet droplets falling from the white sky, kissing my skin and lighting me up deep inside. Dancing and twirling on the roof, singing as the wind passes my hair. Those little feet dancing in the music of surrealism. Constantly blinking as the sweet droplets conjure a pattern on my skin. This welcoming shower brings pure joy to the face of the little devil, who’s always getting into trouble because she is the troublemaker of that big house. Now the roof is all wet and the shower has shifted to sprinkling waters, tis the perfect time for an unshapely paper boat. Working its way through the mist, tumbling and racing. And, suddenly the whole roof is swamping in tiny colourful paper boats. 

Reminds of the time in this big old rustic family house in Himachal. Rain calls me with an entirely different melody here. There’s something different in that sneakily silent white noise of mountains that calls to me in a way I cannot explain. Striking every chord of my emotion but Nostalgia the most. Why especially nostalgia? I could never explain myself. Maybe by this time, I am growing with emotions, understanding the distance, the separation. I need to feel this chaotic and wild nature and again I go running to the roof. There is this weird connection between roof and rain to me. I want to experience each and every drop of rain before it hits the ground. This time it’s not just fun. Standing still on the roof, waiting for the rain to pass away these emotions. Rain and tears mingle on my face. These misty eyes gaze into the horizon, staring at the beauty of the upcoming storm and crying clouds. Feeling heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

One thing we all can agree is that LOVE and rain just can’t separate their ways. Not our faults! Bollywood made us this way. Every time dark cloud gathers and the west wind rages, it reminds us all of our love and distant memories. With love in our hearts, rain droplets bounce from every hard surface making sounds that come from every direction, and yet we yearn to hear the voice of our loved one. Waiting for this tender moment to burst and run into the arms of that special person cannot be more satisfying than this. 

Years later, today again the raindrops hit my window hard. Without getting out there I still felt the heavenly droplets.  The beat of rain calmed my thoughts and at the same time excited me. The crazy pitter-patter and wind gushing wildly created a melancholic melody. Reminded me of the beauty of each shower and all the misery it has washed away. Looking at the window with that peaceful smile filled my heart with a desire to dance in the rain. Moments later finding myself all soaked up in arms of nature and trying to hold on to that little girl in me made me realise no matter how much chaos we’ve all got in our lives, this majestic nature’s art will always wash off all the pain. And for the first time, I didn’t rush for the roof instead stood out in the street. Waited for raindrops to come to me and warm my heart. It’s rightfully said, life goes full circle. As these raindrops of June cracked the dry street like an old radio coming to life, sending me back to the GOLDEN days of childhood.

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  • Gaurav Verma

    It is rightly said that rain brings out the true emotions of us… I really like the way you portrayed how rain brings the childhood memories of us…. Wish you very luck for your upcoming blogs… eagerly waiting for some new content! Good job 👏🏻

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